Senior Pastor, Shine Thomas

City Harvest AG Church, Bangalore; was established in 2003. Rev. Shine Thomas is the founder and senior pastor of City Harvest Assembly of God Church.

Testimony of Rev. Shine Thomas

“I, Rev. Shine Thomas, was born in a very orthodox Christian family. My grandfather was in the business of making church bells and temple lamps. We used to supply these items all over Kerala and other parts of South India. My father was a central government employee with a transferable job. Being born in such a background, money and status were always with us. There was no need to search for God. Life continued and I started growing in this family. Many times we rejected God’s people and spoke against them, belittling them.

In 1980, my father was posted in Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala. Here, my mother was suffering from a terminal illness where we found no cure from medical science. Finally someone directed us to a church, where Sis. Mary Kovoor and her husband ministered in Thiruvalla, Kerala. My mother was healed form her illness as Sis. Mary Kovoor prayed for her and my parents gave their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I started going to church ever since, however, my transformation came in 1985. In the year 1985 we went to Calcutta as part of my father’s job and we were part of the Buntain Memorial Assemblies of God Church. In May 1987, I attended a VBS in the same church. Pastor Mark Buntain was the final day speaker and when he gave the altar call, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. In June 1987 I obeyed the Lord in water baptism and God filled me with his Holy Spirit with the evidence of talking in tongues, vision, and prophesy and I started rooting myself in Christ.

In September 2000 I got married to Glory Shine, and life continued the same. God blessed us with two children, Samuel Shine and Grace Ann Shine. In the year 2003 we moved to HBR Layout i.e., Hennur Depot, Bangalore and started a small prayer at our home with just my wife and my son, Samuel 7 months of age. God gave us an increase. In 2004 October we started City Harvest AG Church as a morning service in English with just 20 people.

As the ministry grew, both my wife, Glory and myself left our secular corporate jobs and entered full-time ministry in 2009. Over the years God has blessed and increased our attendance and membership and now we have about 900 people worshipping God on all Sundays. We have Sunday services in 6 different languages and baptisms on a monthly basis. City Harvest AG Church, Bangalore has an outstation in Bagalur, Bangalore with Sunday Worship services in Kannada at Bagalur.

Ministry is still going on with God leading us day-by-day with signs, wonders and miracles.”

Rev. Shine Thomas is also serving as the Presbyter of the Central District of South India Assemblies of God, India. Pastor Shine Thomas is married to Glory Shine and is the proud father of two children, Son Samuel Shine and daughter Grace Ann Shine.

Rev. Shine Thomas

City Harvest AG Church, Bangalore