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Illustration on choice and decision

Illustration on Decision Making 1: During World War II, Winston Churchill was forced to make a painful choice. The British secret service had broken the Nazi code and informed Churchill that the Germans were going to bomb Coventry in Central England. He had two alternatives: (1) evacuate the citizens and save hundreds of lives at the expense of indicating to the Germans that the code was broken; or (2) take no action, which would kill hundreds but keep the information flowing and possibly save many Continue reading →

Destiny is a Choice

Summary: Destiny is a choice is a sermon based on Joshua 24. Joshua exhorts the Israelites to choose between God and Baal. This sermon also gives us practical ways we can make the right choices that will in turn lead us to the right destiny. Destiny is a Choice – Joshua 24. Illustration: During World War II, Winston Churchill was forced to make a painful choice. The British secret service had broken the Nazi code and informed Churchill that the Germans were going to bomb Coventry Continue reading →

Illustration on Courage

Illustration on Courage Illustration on Courage 1: World War II US tank commander General George S. Patton said, “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” If you give into your fears, you are on the path to defeat. Instead if you stand strong in spite of your fears, you are on the path to victory. Well we are not alone. We have God standing with us to give us the courage to move on. Illustration on Courage 2: On May 4, 1897, Duchess Sophie-Charlotte Alencon Continue reading →


Summary: Courage to move on is a practical sermon illustration simple Biblical principles to move on to God’s promises in our lives based on the life of Caleb. We all are working towards various goals in life. Many times people start of well, work very hard to towards a goal, but get discouraged midway. Some come all the way to the brink of victory, yet when the moment comes for their dream to come to pass, they miss it. Are you stuck up in life Continue reading →

Right Decision Making Process.

Summary: This blogs deals with the concept of right decision making from Joshua 9 & 10. A brief look at the Gibeonite deception and how we can make the right decisions in life? Do you know that the decisions we make are very important? We can be influenced or tricked to make decisions in life? I am sure we have all made some terrible decisions in life and we regret them. Life is full of such decision makings. Studies say that on an average a Continue reading →

Overcoming Defeat with Victory

Summary: Overcoming defeat with victory speaks about how we can overcome our defeats and push on to victory based on Joshua 7 and 8. Reason for failure. The effects of sin. The remedy for sin. Result of overcoming sin is victory. Introduction: I was watching the football world cup match between Germany and South Korea. South Korea are already in the bottom of the chart and Germany had to win to advance. During the 6 minutes extra time, Korea scored twice and the Germans were Continue reading →

Victorious Living

Points Covered: Victorious living is a sermon based on Joshua 5 and 6. Five ways to have a victorious life based on the Israel’s victory over Jericho. Introduction: We live in a culture that encourages people to chase after victorious living. People plan, strategize, and work hard for success. I agree on this to a certain level. Yes, we will need to plan and work hard. However, I also feel that there is a better way to victorious living. When we put the principles of Continue reading →

Our Eternal Inheritance

Introduction: What is our anchor to hold on when we face trials in life? How is your faith when the going gets tough? Well, this morning I want to give you the key to endure difficulties in life: Remember our eternal inheritance. 1 Peter 1:3-5 3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4and into an inheritance that Continue reading →

Watch God Bless You!

Points Covered: How to earn money? How to spend your money? How to manage your money? Introduction We have a lot of things to discuss about in this world. One of the things that we discuss quite often is money. Almost every conversation ends up either in money or the use of currency. Do you have a plan for your finances? If yes, does that plan match God’s plan for your money? Money can be very constructive in life or money can be very destructive Continue reading →

Lessons from a fruitless tree. Mark 11

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas Posted on: 2014-07-20 Series: Gospel of Mark Scripture: Mark 11 In Mark 11 Jesus is entering the city of Jerusalem. This journey had begun roughly about 6 months prior. He had traveled through quite some places, ministering, and healing many. This is an interesting week. Many things are to happen that week which would end up in the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. On the first day, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a colt and the crowds began to clasp their coats and put Continue reading →