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Christmas – A message of HOPE.

Points Covered: A Christmas message of hope. The hope that came to man on Christmas. Introduction: Well what a joy is it to celebrate yet another Christmas. It reminds of God’s faithfulness upon us year after year. Maybe some of you are having a great time this season. Maybe you are going through tough times –Times of uncertainties, challenges, and facing and setback in life. I want to tell you no matter what your condition – there is a reason to celebrate because Christ in Continue reading →

Waiting in Hope.

A encouraging Christmas sermon on waiting in hope while waiting for the promise. Introduction: We all have dreams and goals in life. We are waiting for a breakthrough to happen, we want a situation to turn around etc. But when things do not happen as we want them to be, most of us get frustrated and lose our joy in life. Are you waiting indefinitely for something? Have you ever asked God for something very genuine and you seem to get no answers for it? Well, Continue reading →

Righteous Joseph.

Points Covered: Living righteous in an unrighteous world based on the life of righteous Joseph, Jesus’s father. Introduction: It is always easy to travel downstream than to travel upstream. It is easy to be living like the world than to live according to the word of God. How is you life? Are you living like the world or living according to the word of God? It needs courage and determination to travel upstream isn’t it? There is a story of courage that took place in the very Continue reading →