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Knowing God’s Will. James 4:13-17

Click for the first part of this sermon Introduction: Do you realize that God has a specific will for every area of your life? The decisions you zare making today are the decisions you are going to be tomorrow, 2 years from now, and 10 years from now. So the decisions we make are very important. That decision that you are waiting to make, that desire of yours; God has a plan about it and God wants to help you make those decisions. Parents, you Continue reading →

The folly of ignoring God’s will. James 4:13-15

How to know the will of God in my life? Introduction: Is it your strong desire to do God’s will? Do you find yourself praying the disciples’ prayer, Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come…and then He said this Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Does doing the will of God that come easy for you? A Christian is a person basically committed to doing the will of God. Jesus Continue reading →

Promise of Restoration

Promise of Restoration. 1 Kings 18:44-46 God is going to restore things for his people this month. Restoration is returning something to its former state. The devil has taken away the blessings from his children, health, money etc; God is going to restore it in Jesus’ name. 1 King 18:41 I hear the sound of an abundance of rain: Elijah spoke those words in a place and a time where there had not been one drop of water from the sky or dew on the ground, Continue reading →

Fearful to Fearless

Points Covered:  Fearful to Fearless is a sermon based on the life of Gideon. Simple and practical steps as to how God changed a coward to a courageous warrior. Judges 6 & 7 Introduction: We need a lot of courage to carry on in this compact and competitive world. There comes situations in life where we act cowardly, lack courage and become fearful. You may be here this morning with situations not knowing what to do. You don’t have the courage to move on. Listen, whatever you Continue reading →

Dealing with temptation.

Points Covered: Dealing with temptation is a blog on how we can deal with different temptations in our life. Si practical steps to deal with temptation. Read Victory Over Temptation                 Jokes on temptation                Illustrations on temptation Joke: A couple were struggling to make ends meet after building their dream home. One day they went shopping, the man went to the men’s clothing section and wife to the women’s section. A little later Continue reading →

Live above your circumstances.

Points Covered: A practical blog that gives us wonderful tips on how to live above your circumstances. Three ways to live above your circumstances. Don’t succumb to your circumstances, live above your circumstances. Introduction: Our circumstances can drive and direct our life, unless we learn to live above them. Most of us live in disappointment, depression and stress when we allow circumstances to control our life. Instead, the Bible asks us to trust in God promising God will direct our paths. No matter what your condition, Continue reading →

Being Patient.

Points Covered: Being Patient in situations is a virtue we all must develop. Read this practical blog on the benefits of being patient and how to develop patience. We are living in a very impatient world. By the day the world is progressing where inventions are made to make things faster which makes man even more impatient than before. Listen, God works on a totally different realm. God has a specific time for every event in our life. Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, Continue reading →

The Transforming Friendship! James 4:1-10

Points Covered: The transforming friendship is the friendship with God. God is our best friend. Read this blog to know more on friendship with God… Sermon series on James Introduction: We all have friends in life. A good friend can benefit you in lifting your-esteem and help you to be the best person you can be. We are so careful in choosing a friend, isn’t it? Likewise we need to have the right spiritual friendship to lead a good Christian life. Well, I want to bring Continue reading →

The believer’s work and reward -2, 1 Corinthians 3:10-17

Points Covered: This blog talks about the believer’s work and rewards. Types of builders. Types of crowns in the Bible. Part 1 of this sermon There is coming a time when all the works of all believers, will be subject to a test by fire to determine whether they are worthy of reward. One of the greatest motivating forces in the life of a believer is that is was coming back and that when He came it would be a time of reward. Revelation 22:12 Look, I am Continue reading →

The believer’s work and reward -1. 1 Cor. 3:10-17

Points Covered: Types of judgments in the Bible, how God evaluates a believer’s work. Joke: Two funny brothers were building a big dog cage. Once the frame was ready both went into the frame; one started nailing the wood from one side and the other nailed from the other side. The one who was nailing from the left would reach into his nail pouch, pull out a nail, look at the nail and either threw the nail or nail it in. Looking at the wasted Continue reading →