Relationship Essentials (Illustration)

Cliff Barrows says that there are 12 words that are absolutely essential for a good marriage. Here they are: I was wrong, I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you. Any relationship he says has to have those 12 words in it or it simply won’t work. If you have a husband who is so proud that he will never say, “I was wrong,” & you have a wife who is so proud that she will never say, “I’m sorry,” and if you have Continue reading →

Illustration on Reconciliation

Illustration on Reconciliation 1:  There were two brothers who lived on adjoining farms, but they had a deep quarrel. They had often shared their resources, but that practice stopped; and there was nothing left but bitterness. One day the younger brother hired a bulldozer and built a creek between the two properties. In a few days the older brother took the carpenter to where the two properties met and showed him how the other brother had taken a bulldozer and created a creek where the Continue reading →

Criticism (Illustration)

There is a story about a guy who went to a musical. And while the soprano was singing he turned to the man sitting next to him and said, “That’s horrible. That is really bad.” The man said, “That’s my wife.” Quickly the guy said, “Oh, her voice is just fine. I wasn’t talking about that. It’s the material. The song she is singing is terrible. It’s just not right for her.” The man said, “I wrote it.”