Summary: A very practical message on practical ways to love one another and the real motivation or benefit of loving one another.  Joke: A husband and wife could never love one another because they used to often fight over money. This man never went to work but wanted to make fast money, so he would buy lottery tickets. The wife was money minded too. She wanted her husband to get good income. Finally, fed up with the husband’s ways the wife gave him a divorce. Continue reading →

Overcome Bitterness

Points Covered: Read overcome bitterness to past your bitterness into God’s forgiveness and blessings. Types of Bitterness. Recognizing Bitterness. Overcome Bitterness. Every day life presents opportunities for us to be offended. It may be something as simple as people cutting you at traffic. It may be someone you love using harsh & cutting words that really hurt or it may be something deep like betrayal of abuse that you have gone through. Satan gives us many opportunities every day to be offended. What was your Continue reading →

Do You Care?

The world we are living in is a very hurting place. Every day we hear so much of negativity, crimes, problems in relationships all around us. What is my response to the hurtful world outside there? How can I be the light and salt to this world? Do you think you can impact your family, colleagues, and the society at large and be a blessing? Six attitudes to be a blessing to the people around you. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word “attitude” Continue reading →

Being Patient.

Points Covered: Being Patient in situations is a virtue we all must develop. Read this practical blog on the benefits of being patient and how to develop patience. We are living in a very impatient world. By the day the world is progressing where inventions are made to make things faster which makes man even more impatient than before. Listen, God works on a totally different realm. God has a specific time for every event in our life. Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, Continue reading →

Having a clear conscience.

Summary: This post speaks on the different type of consciences and how we can have a clear conscience before God and man. God and human conscience We live in a world with people having different beliefs and value systems. What is wrong according to my values maybe be right to another. How do I know right and wrong? Our conscience acts like a grid system that sends a stop signal when something wrong hits it. Can you trust your conscience to give you the correct Continue reading →

How to be efficient at work?

Points Covered: How is work viewed in the Bible? The purpose of work. How to be efficient at work.? We live in a society that has mixed views on work. On the one hand, we have a nation of workaholics, people working 60-70 hours a week out of a compulsion to “get ahead.” People who get in to work early, stay late, and bring their work home with them. Then there are people who hardly work and gain from other’s labor. What is your attitude Continue reading →

Defecting Disciples – John 6

Points covered: Discipleship, How to be a good disciple of Lord Jesus Christ, Signs of Defecting disciples, characteristics of a true disciple. Do you consider yourself a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ? If so are you a 100% lifetime disciple or a part-time disciple? What are the qualities of a true disciple? Defecting Disciples Defecting means to abandon one’s position or country and take up another one. Defecting disciples abandon one’s faith in Christ, desert Christ and go back to the world. Jesus Christ Continue reading →

Words – Life or Death? Proverbs 18:21

Points Covered: 1. Kind of words we speak. Metaphors of the human tongue. Bridling our tongue. We are living in a time of explosion of communication and knowledge. If you have a smart phone you can speak to anyone in the world. Talking to people has just become easy and instant. Internet, email, Facebook, and WhatsApp has redefined modern-day communication. But in spite of all the technology, people still have a difficult time communicating, especially in marriage and family relationships. God created man with the Continue reading →

When God does not answer prayer!

Points Covered: Does God always answer prayer? Reason for unanswered prayer.  What to do when God is silent? What it means when God says no? Introduction: Have you ever felt that your prayers are going unanswered? Maybe you are going through a crisis and despite your prayers, you find no change or answer to your situation. Today I am going to speak on the subject: “When God Does not Answer Prayer!” Does this sound strange that God does not answer prayers? How can that be? If I try to Continue reading →

Never Give In – Perseverance -2.

Points Covered: Mind of Apostle Paul that enabled him to persevere and complete his race. All of us at some time or another want to give up and quit. You may be one of the persons today who want to quit. You are thinking, “Why should I be doing what I am doing, the harder I try, worse things get. I have decided I do not have to bear with it and I quit.” Sometimes God’s people want to quit. Moses was the greatest leader Continue reading →