Fearful to Fearless

Points Covered:  Fearful to Fearless is a sermon based on the life of Gideon. Simple and practical steps as to how God changed a coward to a courageous warrior. Judges 6 & 7 Introduction: We need a lot of courage to carry on in this compact and competitive world. There comes situations in life where we act cowardly, lack courage and become fearful. You may be here this morning with situations not knowing what to do. You don’t have the courage to move on. Listen, whatever you Continue reading →

Overcoming fear.

Summary: We all struggle with fear. This post brings out the danger of fear, the types of fear we face, and finally gives us three practical and proven ways to overcoming fear. Illustration: A few years ago, a 7-year-old boy was accidentally shot to death by his younger brother. His mother, a single parent working two jobs to support her children, often had to work late at night. Fearing for her safety returning late and back home alone she purchased a hand gun. Usually she kept Continue reading →

Dealing with Rejection.

Points covered: How to reject the rejections that come our way?, learn to deal with rejections from Jesus’s example. Reasons for rejections. ways to over come rejection, You are competent in the Lord. We all go through rejection at different times of our life. One of the hurtful experiences in life that can ever be is to be rejected by your family, your peers, or your loved one. Perhaps you have experienced that and maybe some of you are going through that right now. I Continue reading →

When all seems lost!

Points covered: Do not lose hope. Hope in Christ Jesus. God is in control. God is working in us. God has a victory ahead of us Introduction: Do you have a situation where things are not working out for you? Maybe it has been months and months and nothing is changing. It maybe a negative medical condition, tough finances, children not settled, and future seems dim, a court case, failure etc. At such times it is tempting to expect the worst and it is easy Continue reading →

When all hope is gone!

Points Covered: What to do when dreams fail? What to do when hope is shattered? There is hope in Christ Jesus. Introduction: Life has its own share of highs and lows that come our way. There are disappointments and unfair situations which we all go through from time to time. The mistake many people make is that when things are going against them, they get stuck where they are, get bitter, lost, and end up pursuing their dreams. At what stage is your life today? Are Continue reading →

Living Amidst Hostility. Daniel

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas  INTRODUCTION: God has called us out of darkness into His light. Many times the world around is in absolute contradiction to our faith and beliefs. We find corruption, injustice, evil everywhere and we as believers have 2 ways to approach it: Either stand for godly principles or live like one of them. Remember, it’s only when a believer stands for the principles of God that God can bless him and let others be blessed through him. How to live in a hostile Continue reading →

Never Abandoned!

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas A lot of people go through life without enthusiasm, joy, or excitement for the future. They have made mistakes, gone through setbacks, and now they are full of guilt. Many people say, “I have done this mistake. I messed up my marriage. I ruined my career and now I am uncertain about my future.” Yes, our mistakes do not qualify us from having a bright future, but remember our God is not just a man. He punishes and he forgives. He closes Continue reading →

Come unto me!

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas INTRODUCTION: It is said that pain and hardships are part and parcel of human life. Some people pass through trouble with a remarkably positive attitude while others are all shattered by their difficulties. Are you here with a load of care? Is the stress of life tearing you apart? The Bible has answers to enable us overcome our burden of life. Today we are going to see how to manage the burden and stress of life. BURDEN OF OUR ACTIONS. First of Continue reading →

Why are you so afraid? Mark 4:1-9

Speaker: Rev. Shine Thomas Bible reading: Mark 4:1-9 A multitude gathers around the seaside by Jesus, so many that he is congested by them. People push against him and try to get closer to Jesus. Jesus is crowded up against the water there, so he enters into a little boat and goes a little into the sea and there within their hearing he began to teach. Mark 4:1-3 1Again Jesus began to teach by the lake. The crowd that gathered around him was so large that he got Continue reading →

Stress Management

Summary: This post gives practical tips for stress management. Signs of stress. Biblical steps of stress management. Read and lead a stress-free life. Joke: Once a man who was suffering from severe stress went with his wife to the doctor. The doctor said to the wife, “Your husband needs rest and peace. Here are some sleeping pills.” Wife, “When must I give them to him?” Doctor, “They are for you.” Helen Steiner Rice: Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, teardrops and pleasure, laughter and Continue reading →