Christmas Joke

One Christmas Eve two guys were at a bar. After a while, they started chatting with one another. One guy said, “Where are you from?” The other replied, “I am from Frazer Town, Bangalore.” The first guy said, “Really, I am from Frazer Town too.” “What high school did you attend?” The second guy said, “Lincoln High School.” “Are you kidding me? I went to Lincoln too! What year did you graduate?” The second guy said, “1978.” “Me too! This is unbelievable. Where did you live?” He said, “I live at 25 Davis Road.” He said, “That is absolutely amazing to me! I too live at 25 Davis Road.”

All of the sudden, the phone rang. It was the bartender’s wife. She said, “Anything going on special at Christmas Eve?” He said, “No. It is a slow night. Except the Johnson twins are here again and they are both drunk.”

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