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Please find below certain requirements that are expected of those involved in the Worship Ministry. By submitting this form I agree that I have prayerfully read and agree to do the following:

1. Pursue a life of Godliness that would be an example to the congregation.

2. Discipline myself in having regular daily devotions.

3. Pray daily for the leadership and the worship ministry.

4. Be accountable to the Lord and to the Leadership in carrying out the tasks given to me.

5. Be committed to adequate personal preparation before playing music, singing or handling equipment

6. Be careful in handling musical instruments and equipment and be responsible to ensure that everything returns to its rightful place.

7. Make every effort to be regular and punctual at all Worship ministry programs and rehearsals.

8. Attend at least one of the Prayer meetings or Care cells of the Church besides Sunday service.

9. Be a committed member of the Church.

10. Regularly tithe to the church.