Worship Team Requirements

  1. Church Membership is a must for choir members and regular participation in activities of the church.
  2. An ongoing commitment to Biblical giving (time, money, talents etc.).
  3. Personal prayer life is a must. If you do not have personal prayers please keep away from the worship team. No prayer, no life. Without life you cannot lead the church into worship.
  4. A commitment to integrity in personal walk in recognition of the public ministry function of a worship team member. This includes examples in conduct, appearance, and relationships within the worship team, the church, outside of the church, and in overall walk. A good testimony in and outside the church is a must.
  5. A commitment to consistency, faithfulness, and excellence in attendance in worship team practices and activities and in personal preparation.
  6. A commitment to growth as a worshiper in both public and private worship. This includes “leading by example” when serving in a public setting (on stage).
  7. A commitment to growth, always looking at scope to improve your God-given abilities. This includes both in skill as a musician and vocalist. Practicing and singing alone, listening to songs, styles, voice modulation etc resulting in growth of your skills in singing and in instruments.
  8. A commitment to unity and integrity in relationships with other worship team members. A commitment to demonstrate servant-hood, flexibility, and humility in dealing with inevitable technical, relational, and schedule challenges associated with this ministry.
  9. If singers/players/sound-techs/person on ppt cannot attend their “weekend” practice, they are responsible to inform Pas. Franklin Andrew in advance so that he can find a replacement for you for that particular Sunday.
  10. Musicians, sound technicians, and computer operators are supposed to reach the church 30 minutes before the practice schedule.
  11. Getting ready on Sunday before service. Rest well the night before. Pray and offer the worship service up to our Lord. Pray and come with a new anointing to minister to the church.
  12. Know what the audience needs. People come in with a broken heart, full of problems. They want the songs to minister them and heal their wounds. Sing not to delight the audience. Sing to heal the wounded soul. When the Holy Spirit is the element that is behind every song and every sermon, people will crowd in to see and hear what is going on. Professionalism and perfection is not what feeds people, though is it is needed. Choirs singing on key will impress some people but if you want to feed the hungry soul, get anointed. Now don’t get so anointed that you have a Holy Ghost break down every time you get up to speak or sing, but allow the Holy Spirit to operate through your person and your emotions.
  13. Bring your Bibles for the practice and Sunday worship.
  14. Keep an in-order song book.
  15. Any grievances and suggestions should be conveyed to the Worship Pastor.

Most importantly let the Spirit work through you, your team and the music. Give Him the highest priority.

Worship Team Application Form