Illustrations on sin

Who publishes negative results?

A scientist, unjustly accused and convicted of a major crime, found himself sentenced to hard time in a prison out in the Arizona desert. His cellmate turned out to be another scientist. Determined to escape, the first man tried to convince his colleague to make the attempt with him. He refused. After careful planning the scientist made his escape. Before long the heat of the desert, the lack of food and water, and complete disorientation in the hostile wilderness almost drove him mad. He was soon forced to return to the prison.

He reported his terrible experience to the other scientist who surprised him by saying, “Yes, I know. I tried it too and failed, too, for the same reasons.”  The first scientist responded bitter, “For heaven’s sake, man, when you knew I was going to make a break for it, why didn’t you tell me what it was like out there?” His cellmate responded with a shrug, “Who publishes negative results?”. There’s much truth to that little story. We don’t like to talk about some things. Especially about our failures and shortcomings. . Something we don’t like to talk about in church is sin.


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