Care Cells

At City Harvest AG Church, Bangalore we give importance for fellowship of the body of Christ. Fellowship being a fundamental doctrine of the church aids to the growth of a believer. The believer grows in relationship to God and the members of the church. Their personal and immediate need is addressed through prayer and fellowship at care cells.

The care cells are based on small groups meeting on the weekdays outside of the church premises, mainly in their local areas. These groups provide pastoral care, spiritual growth, opportunities for new talents to develop, and aid in the growth of healthy relationships with the body of Christ.

We understand that you have a definite call and the care cells are meant to develop you to your calling. Special emphasis on discovering God given gifts and talents is given at our care cells. Once the gift is identified we train our members on how to use those gifts. Then we provide practical opportunity to use those gifts in our care cells.

Individual attention is given to all our care cell members. We at City Harvest, Bangalore are interested in you to develop a strong relationship with God and also enjoy the fellowship of the fellow believers at CHAG which in turn makes you grow in the body of Christ.

You are welcome to join your nearest care cell now. For information on your nearest care cell contact Sister Glory Shine 90369-48627

For more information about the schedule at City Harvest see the Worship Schedule