Salvation Illustration

Dale Earnhardt, “The Intimidator,” was approaching the last turn of the last lap of the Daytona 500 when his car was sent head-on into the wall at 180 mph. An autopsy revealed that he died from the force of his head whipping back and forth on his neck, and by the force of his chin hitting the steering wheel. It has been suggested by some that had he been wearing a device designed to support the head and neck in a collision, he may have survived. But Earnhart, like many other NASCAR drivers, refused to wear the device because it interfered with his ability to drive the car. That choice cost him his life.

Those of you who have not placed your faith firmly and fully on Jesus Christ are headed for a terrible collision; a collision with God’s Judgment. A safety device is available – Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will be your guide to lead you through this life and eternity.

Like Dale EDarnhart and all the other NASCAR drivers, you must decide to make use of what God has offered in Jesus Christ, no matter what it may cost you. It may save your life.