Setting our priorities straight.

Rev. Shine P. Thomas

Have you ever wondered that you are caught up with a lot of things and have lost focus of where your life is heading to? We all have responsibilities at home, work, church, and the society. A successful man is a person who balances his life and sets his priorities right. A man who is a failure is one who often gets involved in almost all things around him and in the end he gets nowhere. Priority setting and managing time are vital for one’s success. If you are not focused, the devil can delay your blessings.

The Bible speaks of setting priorities. In the book of Ezra 6:3-5 we can see that the rework of the temple of God was started in 536 BC. The work began with great excitement and enthusiasm. Soon, they faced opposition from their neighbouring nations and they stopped the work in 534 BC. The people then returned to build their homes while the temple was in ruins. God was displeased with the misplaced priorities. All of their hard work could not earn His pleasure, because the things they were working on were not on His top priority. God wanted His temple to be rebuilt before the people finished their own homes.

The word of God came to Haggai in 520 BC to give careful attention to their ways (Haggai 1:5-14). See, they wasted 14 long years. They started facing failure in all aspects of life. God said they were facing failure because they gave priorities to the wrong things. They were busy with their own work when the temple of God was in ruins. The people assessed their situation and agreed their failure was because of misplaced priorities. Their assessment resulted in them starting to rebuild the temple. Finally, the temple work was completed in 516 BC, 25 years after it was started and 70 years after it was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC (Ezra 6:15).

Here, we see God’s work was delayed because of misplaced priorities and the same thing can happen in our lives too. God wants us to give careful thought to our ways, assess our priorities, and manage our time appropriately. My dear child, God has a great plan for us but it is up to us to prioritize. Why waste time in so many things and end up nowhere? Recognize the things that can lead you closer to your goals, work for it, and achieve what God wants you to achieve. We can change the way we are if we give priority to do first things first. A real assessment of our situation will lead us to an agreement and that agreement has to transform into action for the work of God to be completed in our lives.


Rev. Shine P. Thomas
Founder & Senior Pastor

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